Should You Invest in a Rural or City Property?

An Insight Provided by Pad Residential, an Estate Agents in Manchester

Manchester estate agents Pad Residential is continually offering advice and support for property hunters who are searching for their ideal investment. However, with rural living and city living both offering different lifestyles, it’s a continual source of debate which location type is the preferable option when investing in a property.

Ultimately, personal preference is an overriding factor in any final decision that’s made a buyer. Nonetheless, before deciding on where you’d like to invest, it’s essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in the thongs of busy city life, or whether you’d rather consider a more tranquil life in more rural surroundings.

Pad Residential and other North West Estate agents offer clients support whilst identifying and purchasing their ideal property; some positives and negatives need to be considered before acting hastily and making a panic buy.

Why Should You Consider a Rural Property?

In the last fifteen years, the population in Manchester city centre has increased by a staggering 185%, with many favouring properties in urban developments. However, despite a wave of interest in central developments, this hasn’t necessarily rendered the rural market dormant.

While the bright lights of the city may hold appeal for some, many have ambitions of purchasing a property in the countryside, given the many benefits associated with purchasing a property in more serene locations.

Estate Agents Manchester receive enquiries for rural properties on a regular basis.

More Value for Money

Rural properties can often be bought at a comparatively lower price than a property in the middle of a city.

With estate agents in Manchester being inundated with requests from buyers on the lookout for city-centre properties, this means that sellers can command a high price, due to the demand for city-centre properties, despite these developments being significantly smaller than rural properties.

Additionally, supplementary costs such as maintenance fees can further increase the costs of urban living, adding to the appeal of a rural home.

Cheaper Living Costs

While living in the city is exciting, maintaining a city centre lifestyle is expensive. 

Prices in, bars, restaurants and supermarkets are often more expensive in city-centre branches, with the major chains often increasing their prices in these locations.

Therefore, purchasing a rural property is often considered to be attractive because the cost of living is deemed more affordable and sustainable, in the long-term.

However, while the cost of living is cheaper, other factors need to be taken into account when considering buying in a rural location. For instance, essentials including utilities, broadband and heating can sometimes be expensive.

Quieter Surroundings, Healthier Lifestyle?

Life in the countryside doesn’t only appeal aesthetically but can also contribute to a healthier lifestyle and enhanced overall wellbeing.

The tranquil nature of a rural existence is regarded as a key contributor to a calm, happy lifestyle, where the occupant can enjoy a less hectic lifestyle and also immerse themselves within the local community.

Additionally, rural properties present a buyer with the opportunity to enjoy a larger property, with natural garden space. Therefore, they’re often popular amongst buyers who enjoy nature or have the intentions to start a family.

The tranquil nature of a rural existence is regarded as a key contributor to a calm, happy lifestyle, where the occupant can enjoy a less hectic lifestyle and also immerse themselves within the local community.

Why Is Urban Living Popular?

Rural living has many undoubted benefits: perceived value for money, a quieter lifestyle and a more favourable foundation for family life are all a huge draw for many buyers.

Although the tranquillity is appealing to some, for others, the lure of the hustle and bustle of city living is too much to resist with cities such as Manchester, London and Liverpool, to name a few, becoming. increasingly popular amongst property hunters on the lookout for an urban hotspot to call home.

So, why are buyers deciding to settle down in a city environment?

Reduced Travel Costs

Cities and the surrounding suburbs are often served by a wide network of transport links. For example, the ever-expanding Metrolink system serves Manchester and enables seamless travel, a far cry from living in the countryside where public transport can be scarce.

Such is the quality of connectivity within city-centre locations, that many residents decide against buying a car, instead deciding to use public transport or walk to their destination.

Breadth of Amenities

If you decide to invest in an urban property, many properties have access to a wide berth of amenities, including shopping centres, libraries, museums, restaurants and a whole host of other facilities nearby.

Battling boredom is sometimes considered one of the challenges of rural living yet residing in the city offers many leisure opportunities and the opportunity to socialise.

Career Development Opportunities

City-centre developments are popular amongst young professionals hoping to establish themselves in their relevant sector. For example, Manchester is home to multiple media agencies, prompting creatives such as graphic designers, copywriters and web designers to buy a property in the city centre, to improve their career prospects.

On the other hand, living rurally can prove inconvenient when employed in the city centre. Commuting can take a long time and if a car is required as part of your journey, parking costs can be expensive.

Living Rurally Can Be (Too) Quiet…

While living in a rural setting offers the chance to collect your thoughts and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, for some, buying a home in this setting could be deemed too quiet.

Towns and cities are diverse social hubs that offer a wide variety of entertainment for its inhabitants. The wide selection of bars and restaurants, as well as greater clubs or societies, presents an opportunity to meet and converse with new people.

Do you need advice on where to buy your next property? Contact Pad Residential, an estate agents in Manchester who can offer bespoke advice. Whether you’re a fan of the city or an advocate of country living, our team are equipped with a range of knowledge to ensure that you purchase a property befitting of your expectations.

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